Monday, 6 February 2012

Dyeing to meet ya - or how to become Na'avi in one easy lesson

So I thought I'd dye some fabric - and thought I'd use a paintbrush to apply the dye, rather than soak the fabric in beer cup dye pots, and also thought I wouldn't need gloves.....

...and you know what thought does to you - oh dear - after the dyeing session my husband asked me when I was joining the cast of Avatar on Pandora - I had blue dye everywhere - my hands, feet (I had flip flops on), forearms (I dye outside and the mozzies were fierce yesterday), down my pj's (because I didn't get dressed until much later in the day - and only then when we had a few friends drop in...) but I did have fun.

I was using the painting technique I thought I'd seen on Deborah's blog - but I've since found out that Deborah uses fabric paint and I used procion dyes and a large paintbrush - oh well, still loved the process - even though it was a bit messy.  I only mixed 2 colours, blue and black, and after 'painting', rinsing, drying and ironing, I have 8 FQ's of fabric ready for a new idea I have brewing...

This fq was used to wipe up all the dye on the table after I'd slopped it around a bit
For this effect, I splodged blue dye all over the FQ and then threw large salt crystals on the wet fabric - the salt protected areas of the fabric creating this mottled effect, which reminds me of whale shark skin
for this one, I painted stripes of blue and overpainted some with the black.  I then 'wiped' the brush between the stripes without reloading the dye

This one was 'striped' all over and black splodges added
For this one, I simply put dye all over the FQ, including a little of the black and the paler marks were created by the fabric lifting off the table
The remaining FQ's are more of the same.  I think I'll do another 8 using different colours - red/yellow maybe, or red/turquoise.....must get some more PFD fabric and soda ash....

In the meantime, my new Janome Horizon is having a bit of a spak attack with FMQing and I have a date with the Sewing centre I bought it from on Thursday - hopefully it will be sorted out and I can catch up with Laura's QAYGFMQQA asap...


  1. I thought the first picture was the sky before I scrolled down to the caption. I'd love to try this one day when I have some space to make a mess!

  2. Wow - these are lovely! Now I want to have a go.

  3. These all look fantastic, as if you have been dye painting for years.

  4. Lol, oops! Still, at least you had fun (and can I say my favourite was the mop rag which looks like an impressionist painting sky!)

  5. The colours have come out beautifully - it sounds like such fun!

    Pomona x

  6. Looks like you did a brilliant job. But where is the photo of you - Smurfette??

  7. These are lovely, can't wait to see your next batch!

  8. Looks like you had fun, and got some great fabric out of it too. Looking forward to seeing what else you cook up


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