Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Drawing and other random stuff

1.  My Diploma of Textile Arts course started a couple of weeks ago and one of the first things we've been doing is to learn how to draw - we'll need this skill to visually communicate an idea without actually making the idea up in fabric (or whatever medium we choose).

My eldest son has awesome drawing skills, but I've never classified myself as being able to draw.  As our teacher says, everything improves with practice and a little know how - so we have to practice everyday....

First page of my new visual diary - oh dear!!
My Doc Martins - the left boot looks like it would fit an ogre!

Doodling - zentangle style

My coffee 'table' - actually it's 2 stacked boxes  - and Picasso's Don Quixote is riding on in...
I'm quite enjoying the drawing - and try to draw something every day as instructed - and concentrate hard on getting perspective right - it is hard though!

2.  I'm actually supposed to be writing an Occupational Health and Safety report on my workplace/sewing room - but I'm bored already......

Garden Path block

Across the Sea blocks
3. I sewed a little yesterday and got blocks made for my Quilt Australia sewing bee and for do.Good Stitches.  I also repurposed a gigantor bag I made months ago which was too big to be practical - it's now a smaller tote bag, with lots of pockets, a pencil roll and a boxy pouch - I've made these to carry things to and from school and I don't have pictures as it's all a bit naff!

4.  My vegie patch is producing copious amounts of eggplant (and I'm the only one in the house that eats it) and purple beans - my freezer is FULL of purple beans.  There's also about 20 pumpkins (butternut and queensland grey varieties) and watermelon meandering all over the place - can't wait for these to ripen!

5.  My youngest son and his girlfriend have found a place and will be moving out this week - I have mixed feelings about this....

Now I really must go - only so many hours in the day and I have got soooooooooo much to do.  Arrivederci!


  1. 1 Have fun at class - just think of the drawing in the same ways as how you couldn't FMQ the first day you sat at a sewing machine, so things will improve with practice :o)

    2 I'd totally be bored too lol

    3 Way to recycle!

    4 Wish I had that many aubergines kicking about, they're quite challenging to get hold of here and I love them

    5 They'll be fine, and you can always drop round for a visit ;o)

  2. I love your doodles, and am very impressed by your crop:-)

  3. Love the across the sea blocks, I need to start mine! Who are you doing your course through?

  4. Your drawings are gorgeous. I love the zentagonal and coffee table ones!

  5. How cool to see all your drawings. I, too, shy away from that because I don't feel I have that skill, either. But so fun to see your Zentangles--I just bought a book about that to get me started (that's always my first thing--buy a book). Do you need some more red/whites? I can send over some from my stash, too? Drop me a line!

    Elizabeth E.

  6. Love your drawings, especially the zentangles!! Love your blocks as well, especially the colours in your Across the Sea blocks!

  7. Your drawings look great. Wish I could draw so I could put my imaginings to paper
    Why don't you sell some of your surplus veg? Put up a sign and undercut the supermarket price and you'll prob have some takers

  8. I really like your "zentangle" doodles.

  9. FIRST...an appology...I have not read this blog...YET but I will!

    SECOND..... thank you so,so much for my mouthy stitches bag.....I AM DANCING ON THE CEILING... much to the dogs amazement xx

    Thank you xx Thank you ......Diane x


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