Saturday, 18 February 2012

Happy Mail

I've been following Shay's blog, Quilting in my Pyjamas for quite a while now - she writes with an irreverence, in what could be termed a totally Oz style - she doesn't take things too seriously and has a healthy attitude to rules, eg, if the rules don't make sense, ignore them!  Shay's take on life, whether it's of a quilty nature or life in general is a seriously funny read.  She doesn't like housework and avoids it all costs (obviously a long lost sister) and to top off all this wonderfulness, she's incredibly generous to boot.  Let me explain......

At the beginning of February, Shay mentioned in her blog that she's starting the Farmers Wife Quilt Along and had decided to 'Rock the red and white' - now, I've been doing the FWQA too - I started ages ago - and am also rocking the red and white - so I suggested we should do a swap of reds (you need an awful lot of reds for the FWQA blocks)........and look what arrived....

This little bunch of lovelies doesn't include a further 6 or so pieces that I already have - I've sent those back to her with pieces from my stash - it's fabulous that we both live in Oz and we're still able to find many pieces of red and white that we don't have in common - fantastic!

I will get organised with a few more FW blocks - soon I hope - but school has started in earnest and I already have quite a bit of homework - coupled with my teaching and a few quilting commissions (plus a new commission to make a complete quilt) and several other things I have on the go, I beleive that my own personal sewing will be a very poor last on the list - not to mention the frequency of my blogging.

Thanks Shay - love the fabric - and this blogging quilty collective is just such a wonderful place to be...


  1. oooh lucky you. Shay is a very generous soul!

  2. Have fun with your new goodies! I had a January like that, no time to do my own stuff, but it came eventually, hope it comes to you too!

  3. Shay is fab but than again - so are you!

  4. Im glad you could make use of them . Seems silly to hog all that fabric to myself when it is so cool to do a swap!


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