Wednesday, 9 November 2011

WIP Wednesday #10

It's that time of the week again and although I don't always make it, I'm linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced - it's her 1 year anniversary of WIP Linky posts - thanks Lee - a sterling job!!

We have had the mother of electrical and rain storms today - flash flooding, hail and lightning all over the place - it flooded the local community centre where I teach patchwork on wednesday evenings, so those who braved the rain came to my house to sew instead - it's still raining and the pool looks like it's about to overflow - and given the pool pump has seized (the man is coming out on Friday to either fix or replace it), we may be swimming in our beds!!  I'm also just a little concerned about my vegie patch - I was very happy about how things are growing out there, but the hail may have decimated it - I'll have a look tomorrow.

But, onwards and upwards....since the last time I reported on a WIP Wednesday, there has been some progress:

I made more hexies and cut out some 'plain' ones, so now I have 26 - I think another 14 or so and I can start putting them together with sashing - then a couple of borders and the top will be ready.  The hexies are hand pieced, but everything else will be done by machine.

I started and completely finished a quilt that will go into my shop (either at Etsy or Madeit)

Made a few more FWQA blocks (blogged about here)

I'm now over half way on these so that feels pretty good.

I finished a UFO (now in my Etsy shop)

I lined some pouches with my hand dyed fabric, and listed those in my Etsy shop

...and on the Long-arm side, I've quilted one very large charity quilt, a lap size client quilt and loaded a queen size client quilt ready for quuilting tomorrow.


To summarise:


Whirleygig II quilt
Nest quilt
3 pouches

Quilts in Progress:

Blanket Box Hexies - total made, 26
4 FWQA - total made, 56

No action at all:

Class Sampler quilt - all blocks completed


Psychedelic tartan - who knows??
Double diamonds - still needs something......
Which way to go - needs quilting
Dancing with the stars - needs quilting
Kimono mini - needs binding
Sashiko qayg - needs finishing!
Red and white challenge - needs properly starting

Please click on Lee's "Freshley Pieced WIP wednesday" button on the right to see what others are up to .....


  1. Beautiful hexies, and you sure have been busy. Wonderful work.

  2. Your pouch is cute!


  3. You have been quite the busy bee! I love the red and white color scheme of your FW blocks!

  4. Lots on the go, I love your FW blocks.

  5. love the whirly gig - i need to try it~

  6. The farmer's wife quilt along blocks are great. I just love that they are on point and have been enjoying seeing these popping up all over the place!

  7. I hope your veg patch has survived. Maybe you need to get a tarp cover for it for the rest of the hail season. Some run out to cover their cars, you can run out to cover the veg patch :)

    Great lot of progress. The FWQ blocks are my favourite of the lot.

  8. I had a fun time looking at your projects--wow! When you take a break you are really busy. Cute pouches and that's your own fabric? Impressive.

    The pinky-orange quilt is so beautiful. I lingered on that one, and really studied it. Simplicity really can contribute to a beautiful quilt. I may be hungry for something like that pattern after I finish my crazy Christmas blocks.

    Lovely post!

    Elizabeth E.

  9. Your hexies are just amazing... Been wanting to do a hexie quilt like that for a while but my hand piecing quota is long used for this year :)

  10. Love those hexies, very nice!

  11. Wow you have been a busy bee! Congrats on get a UFO done, that always feel nice, aye? You do a very good job at matching all your pieces together for your blocks, very nicely done!

  12. That looks like a pretty good week, hope you don't wake up paddling tomorrow!

  13. Pink and orange, great color combo!

  14. Sorry to hear about the storm, hope your veggie patch is ok. Happy Sewing.

  15. I really like that square HST quilt!

  16. gosh you've been busy, like the hst quilt

  17. I've not been brave enough to try more than blocks or strips with my quilts. The hex's look very difficult.

  18. Busy week! I love your FWQAL blocks!

  19. I have a soft spot for hexagon quilts, I'm loving yours.

  20. Love my Gammill too! I'm going to 'follow' you and hope we can swap some stories.

  21. great hexies :) & I love the red & white theme for your Farmer's Wife Blocks. Are you keeping to that color scheme for the whole quilt, or just those blocks?

  22. Love the finished quilts, so pretty! And those hexy blocks are incredible. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  23. Wow, those hexies are amazing! Love them. Your little boxy pouch is too cute!

  24. Love your boxy pouch and the idea of hand dyed lining, mmmm! Sorry the weather hasn't been kind to you, hope you didn't suffer too much damage.

  25. Love that hand dyed fabric! Such a cute pouch.

  26. Good job on all your finishes! I love the pouch.


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