Thursday, 3 November 2011


Back in September I took up a challenge by Sandie to make and trade 3 quilties with a button theme.  The teeny quilts are made to finish 4" x 6" and can incorporate many techniques - much like an Artist's Trading Card, they're miniature works of art that can be traded, swapped, displayed etc etc.   I'd never made anything like this before, so I thought to myself, "Why not?"

So, out came the journal and the colouring pencils and I faffed about with a couple of ideas.  Once I sought of knew what I wanted to do, I started making them - none came out as I originally planned - but that's the beauty of this sort of medium - you go where your quilties take you!

It was my intent to show you the ones I made to swap - but I can't find my photo's anywhere!  They're obviously a victim of my recent computer change over - aaagh.  I cleaned up all my photos prior to transferring all the files (which took over 16 hours using the 'easy transfer'  method) so it's quite possible I've deleted them in error - damn!!

So, I was then going to show you the ones I received yesterday - all of which are fantastic and so full of clever elements that I see something different each time I look at them.......and my camera is out of juice!

So, maybe I'll come back later in the day and try again........

I'm linking up with Lynn at Lily's Quilts at the Small Blog Meet - be sure to leave a comment so I can return the favour.  Cheers!!


  1. I was following you anyway,getting your blogs in my reader, I am now an official follower! I also linked up on Lynne's Small Blog Meet.

  2. Just found you through SMB & now one of your followers! I can't wait to check out your blog & hopefully you can stop by my blog when you get the chance. Have a great day!! January T

  3. You are too funny. The post that sort of happened. Looking forward to those photos!

  4. Oh man, what a tease! Huh, okay, I'll wait as these sounds intriguing...

  5. Thanks for your sweet comment, I'm glad you are pleased, it was fun, have a fubn and creative week! Hugs Marilou

  6. Foiled by the IT gremlins again! Those pesky things wreak havoc everywhere!
    My Quilties are still in transit somewhere, I look out for them daily........The postman is beginning to look worried - maybe he thinks I'm stalking him?

  7. I so glad you love your quilties!! And I'm glad you joined in on the fun. Loved your quilties too!!! Kathy is the only one waiting on her quilties, hope she gets them soon. Hugs Sandie

  8. I lost a heap of photos that I hadn't transferred to my external hard drive just before my computer died :-(


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