Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Half time, 50.45%, downward slide, etc, etc

I have been doing a little farming this last week and made 4 blocks - which now means I am just over half way to becoming the ultimate Farmers Wife.  56 blocks are now completed, leaving 55 to go - half of me feels just a bit excited and the other half thinks, "meh, I've still got to make 55 blocks...."!!
So, in the bag are: jack-knife

loved how this came together - points met, right size finished - awesome!!
kitchen woodbox

looks fab-o on point

obviously needs to be replaced with slate, or tiles...
maple leaf
in homage to my canadian friends
I still go to fabric shops and look at red fabric, thinking, "ooh, that'd be good for my farmers wife" - I think I need to wean myself off that now - I've got enough red fabric for 12 Farmer's Wives - maybe I should start a red Dear Jane quilt along (although I'm sure there's already one out there), or a 'better red than dead' quilt along - aaah, the possibilities.

Whatever, here's to no. 56 block and let's get on with no 57.



  1. Have just found my way to your site from flickr. I am gobsmacked with your Farmers wife quilt. It's just so beautiful, and stunning just using red. I am shocked that you have done 56 though. I started a bit behind everyone else, but thought I would catch up. It doesn't look like it does it - think I've done 16!

  2. They are beautiful! I really love the red and white. Maple leaf is my favourite of these.

    Hmm.. A red Dear Jane QAL.... I could be on board for that. If it didn't start before next year. You'd be doing red and white, I'd be doing red and black... Could be fun ;)

  3. Yay for over halfway! These look fab, and I especially love the scissor print on jack-knife :oD

  4. Especially loving the chair, but they are all beautiful!

  5. Love the fussy cut in the wood box. I haven't done a FW block in ages. May end up with a very small quilt here!

  6. Hi there. I came over from lily's quilts. Love your farmers wife blocks. I have just started the quilt so have a looong way to go. Thanks for the inspiration.


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