Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A slight deviation

Today I was supposed to be sorting out my hanging (well, laying down on the miners couch) clothes after my hanging rail collapsed - but I didn't get there at all.

I fished around in the huge bag given to me by a TT member and found some beautifully co-ordinating furnishing fabrics, cut them up and sewed them together with some linen and some hot pink polka dot fabric, to half make this..

front - with a pocket


I still take stinky photos and it doesn't look half bad in real life.  It'll end up being a flashy tote - the back and front, and the bottom is lined with a bag weight Pellon (interfacing) which means it can stand up.  It has a wide gusset so it can fit all manner of things - I just have to hand sew the binding down and put some handles on - not sure what handles I want to put on as yet, which is why it's still sitting in my sewing room unfinished.

While I pondered that quandry, I fished about in that big bag again and found a large piece of furnishing fabric that looks like linen - but doesn't behave as badly - and thought it'd make a great skirt.  So off to my paper patterns and I found this..

I like the shape of the blue one, not so much the style though - so I made the blue skirt out of the furnishing fabric, found a Prints Charming screen print (from a small bag of screen prints I bought at a quilt fair from Kelani Fabrics - and which is on my Winter Summer Stitching list to use on a skirt) and cut out a circle which I raw-edge machine stitched to the skirt.  I then made a bias cut striped binding which I used to finish the hem.......and voila.....

and this is a photo my son took - we were going off to watch his girlfriends' end of year dance concert

we were going for an arty farty styled pose but I didn't have my red lippy on!

So, maybe I can sort out my clothes tomorrow.....


  1. What a fantastic skirt - and your pic is arty farty for sure, complete with that casual look. :)

  2. fabulous skirt, and beautifully modelled

  3. I love the skirt and it looks great on you!! The binding on the hem and the motif are wonderful details!

  4. Och, the clothes can always wait ;o) Very productive day!

  5. The skirt looks great on you. I like the look of this day much more than one spent sorting clothes :)

  6. Fabulous skirt and so nice to see a photo of you!! Looking good!

  7. The skirt worked out beautifully Kay, it looks great! Now I know what you look like I can sneak up on you if i ever see you in Main St!

  8. I love the skirt and totally understand making that rather than sort the clothes out. I had a hanging collapse once as well, so annoying.

  9. I'm loving that skirt - fabulous!! Thanks for commenting on my little birdie quilt :)

  10. Love, love, love the skirt! And definitely very arty-farty even without the lippy!

    Pomona x

  11. Great Skirt Kay! Love the added fabric details that make it a Shocking Hocking Original!


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