Thursday, 17 May 2012

WIP Wednesday - well it would be, but now it's Thursday and the link is closed :(

omg - I knew it had been a while since linking up with WIP Wednesday at Lee's, but just saw that the last time was 9th Feb - definately a long time between drinks!

So obviously there's a little bit of creativity going on in the meantime - most of which relates to the Textiles course I'm doing, but I got a few things done outside of that too :)

I have a finish which started about here....

Totally inspired by this

Here's the back........

there's actual sunshine in Melbourne today!
I finished up another quilt...

I'm in the process of adding hand quilting to this next one...

Completed some farmers wife and projects for school, sewing bees and my teaching classes...

I also managed to complete a few quilting commissions on the long-arm too - I'm sure there's more but it's been so long I think I'd be here forever finding all the photos!

Anyway - pop on over to Lee's and check out everyone else's awesome WIP's - huge amount of inspiration out there :)


  1. I love the fabrics you use. You must have an amazing stash!

  2. Okay, I have to go and take a nap now. How did you ever get all that done? Have been in the Grading Galaxy that long? That gray quilt really turned out lovely--as did your others. And of course, I enjoy those bee blocks with all the Kaffe Fasset fabrics--sigh. Looks like a garden.


  3. Goodness, you have been busy!!!
    Congratulations on your finishes. I love the backing fabric on the first one.

  4. Wow! Look what you can get done when you take a break from the blogosphere. Well worth the wait :)

  5. You've been so productive! Your quilts are lovely - I also really like the backing on the first one, glowing in the Melbourne sunshine.

  6. Well at least you've been productively slacking ;o) Love all the makes

  7. I love your hexagon quilt - stunning! (I also love all the other makes, too!)

  8. oh my goodness, you have been busy! Love your quilts, especially the hexie and love the colours in the grey and yellow

  9. LOVE that floral back with the solids. It looks fantastic.

    My Farmers Wife is sitting idle. Im a slack arse.

  10. My goodness! You have been busy

  11. Wow! Crazy busy you are! Love all the projects!

  12. It's been a while since I've finished a quilt, but had wanted to share the finish with you. Your grey & yellow quilt show above was a major inspiration in terms of the layout. It's so nice to be able to learn and grow from each other. Just wanted to say, thank you! Here's the quilt:


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