Thursday, 20 September 2012


In between refining my workshop (how share trading works - an operations perspective) and shooing the baby chooks out of my herb patch....

Some came over to check out the shiny thing in my hand (my camera).  The little rooster on the left is feeling particularly brave after lasting a couple of rounds with Big Red, my fully grown - and 4 times larger - rooster

I've been putting together one of the CFA quilts...the blocks were pieced by some of my wednesday evening ladies and they've done a fabulous to do is the quilting but first I'll have to find some backing before I can throw it on to the Gammill.....thinking flame shapes all over - ladders and flames - must be for the fire brigade of course :-)

Making a stationery box (with blank cards and notelets) for my ma-in-law's birthday...some days she doesn't get out and I thought this would be handy in an emergency - I followed this fabulous tute - and have to say the blank cards I put inside took me longer to make than the box!.

the box packs up to this

when you take the lid off, it opens up to this - space for cards, tags, stamps, a pen and a little booklet for writing down reminders
I've also done some work on my school assignments (so much more to do on those - and time is running out!) and contemplated how I'm going to quilt this...

busy, busy, busy - thanks gawd for school holidays.

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  1. The flame quilting will be so perfect for your ladder quilt! The chickens make me laugh :)

  2. I sure miss my chickens! I love the plus quilt. Still need to make one ; )

  3. Keeping the chickens out of the herb patch is a full time job on its own!!!

    I think the flames would be awesome on the ladder quilt. Great idea as is the box with note cards for your MIL. She will enjoy that.

  4. The flame quilting will be perfect with that ladder quilt. I can also see some broken windows here and there. LOL. Love those colours!

  5. The flame quilting should be great for the ladder quilt! Love it! And the box of cards is tremendous. What a great gift!

  6. Instead of flames - how about some hands? Can you even quilt hands?! I like to think of the life-saving fire-fighters :)

    Your "plus" quilt is gorgeous, can't wait to see how you quilt that. I love reading about all the things you do with your hands - chickens, paper, fabric... amazing.

  7. I love your quilts. And the stationary box! Thanks so much for linking up.

  8. Chicken on the menu soon?
    The ladders quilt looks great, and I see you've thought of flames too. Great minds :). Looking forward to seeing what you do with the back
    Lovely stationary box too. Bet she'll love it


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