Wednesday, 26 September 2012

do. Good Stitches - Cherish

Debra asked for a couple of blocks with a beachy theme and they had to be all one colour - so I've added a little artistic licence and we have a blue boat for sailing on the deep blue...

and a green lighthouse, who really wanted to be a greenhouse....

There was a couple of 'Y' seams when I joined the pieces together - that was fun!

These will be joined with the other blocks made by the clever ladies in the Cherish Circle and will become a gorgeous quilt for a deserving someone.


  1. Great looking blocks!!! I love the sails on the sailboat.

  2. Lol, love the lighthouse with the identity crisis ;o)

  3. I love your blocks, particularly the lighthouse one, never seen anything like that before, what a great idea

  4. ooh love your lighthouse with double beam! I MUST get on with mine!!


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