Thursday, 13 September 2012

Community projects

When I first joined the local community quilt club, we met in a tiny room - no-one could bring their sewing machines because it was too cramped, not to mention dangerous (an Occupational Health and Safety nightmare!)  So when I took over teaching, I vowed to myself that I had to find a better venue, especially as I intended to introduce Project of the Month and sewing machines were mandatory.....

A couple of times we'd used the room at the local CFA (Country Fire Authority) for making charity quilts - the room was large, well lit, lots of power points and has an accessible kitchen - perfect - so I slept with one of the Firies (it's ok, he's my husband!!) and we were able to secure their meeting room on wednesday mornings and wednesday evenings - so much better and so much more conducive to boosting creativity.

The Firies have been great - if they're in the building when we are (for call-outs and other stuff) they never fail to pop their heads through the door and say hello, so when they asked if we could make a quilt to include in their upcoming 70th birthday celebrations, we couldn't say no -  in fact, we said 'yes' twice! - and all proceeds from the raffle will go to the Burns Unit at the Royal Children's Hospital.

We've started two quilts - one that we hope will appeal to the older generation and the other, a more modern style.....neither are finished (lots more to do) but here's a little preview....

Simple nine-patches in country colours and applique created by the very clever Jan and Lynne - Somerville is known for chook farms and apple and pear orchards
This one is called 'Ladders' - appropriately - by the very clever Elizabeth Hartman of Oh Fransson fame - out of the new 'We Love Color' book
Obviously more to do before they're finished - but well done ladies - doing a fabulous job :)

.......and here's a little montage of some of their creativity so far....

Love my ladies.....


  1. Cunning plan that, sleeping your way to a meeting room ;o)

  2. Lol, like your way of getting a working space :)
    Love the ladder quilt. And very suitable too. Are you tempted to applique some little flames here and there? I would be :)


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