Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Veging out

A quick update on the vegie patch - then I really must go write my Christmas cards.....

Sweet corn on the left and cucumber starting to flower.  There's a huge bunch of rhubarb behind the corn as well that I really must pick (my husband's favourite vegie!)
Zucchini at the back and spring onions in the foreground

Sugar snaps, snow peas and climbing beans making their way up a couple of old pieces of pool fencing - with silver beet that popped up from last year

Tomato plants in the middle - and noticed there's some cherry toms forming already
We're already picking zucchini, sugar snap peas, snow peas, spring onions and lettuce and everything seems to be thriving - even the trees have apples, nashi pears, apricots and lemons in larger numbers than we've seen before - amazing and it's really down to the amount of rain we've had this year.

It's such a buzz growing your own stuff - tastes so much better and is so much cheaper.


  1. YUM! How lucky are you with all that land?!? We have a small vegie patch (tiny in comparison) and love getting outside to garden and pick fresh vegies and herbs. Definite buzz. :)

  2. Your garden looks so wonderful!! We always had a garden growing up. I miss it! No room in our yard. :(

  3. Looking great! I completely agree about the taste of home grown fruit and veg. Nothing compares. Looks like you guys are in for a bumper crop too

  4. I would just stand in the middle of all that and graze until I was full. Love sugar snaps and having them right off the vine would be lovely!

  5. I'll be right round for dinner, save me some please :oD

  6. My tomatoes frizzled on the vine and the bugs get more than i do. I have been unable to grow beans for ten years due to a large brown n white catterpillar who chomps them. Your yhumb is much greener than mine!


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