Sunday, 4 December 2011

Card making frenzy

Post cut-off to send cards to the UK before Christmas is 6th December - so I got cracking.

Made this mess.....

In 2 rooms.....

...and came up with these

I borrowed the stamp set for the one on the left from my BFF - I love it!
Made about 6 of the one on the left
Made about 8 of the one on the left and the one in the centre is a retirement card for a friend.
Along with others I found left over from last year, or have made with the guidance from Nikki, I've got about 26 cards...woo hoo!!

Now to find envelopes that fit, write them and get them into the post.....


  1. Ok, I'm liking all your cards. Great job!! Is this the part ..That I can beg to be on your list?? :):) Have a good day!!

  2. You are clearly insane or an incredible over-achiever..but really worth the effort with the beautiful cards you ended with...gorgeous creations!

  3. Great job! It's been a while since I handmade my Christmas cards, but with the little ones the last few years we have just been in survival mode. Love the blue ornament one (and all the SU! stamps). Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  4. Oh wow, how lovely! I dont have the patience with paper!

  5. These are gorgeous Kay! I especially love the robin! Last time I had Christmas in the UK three years ago I was desperate to see one and was rewarded on our last day there - they are just so beautiful!

  6. Absolutely fab cards and your paper space looks like my sewing space!

  7. These are fabulous - I tried card making, once!

  8. It's finding the envelopes to fit that I always think it a complete PITA about homemade cards, good luck! I'm quite impressed you got mess in two rooms too ;o)

  9. they look great, so definitely worth all the mess: although I don't envy you the tidying up!

  10. So how come it takes one day longer to go the other way - especially when it is downhill? Our last date was today - and needless to say that I have missed it yet again . . .

    Pomona x


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