Thursday, 8 December 2011

A little dalliance.....

The Farmer and I had a brief dalliance yesterday - not sure what started it off - probably the foundation print out for the Night and Day block that's been sitting on my sewing table for the past month (and now the Cole Porter tune is playing in my head) - and I wanted to sew something small - and the Farmers block patches are certainly that...

Block 59 Night & Day

We did have some issues - I kept stuffing up the angle of the sewing line on one of the pieces and every time I flipped it to press, I noticed I hadn't covered the required amount of patch - so off it came - 5 times!  The 6th time, the paper was all but shredded (made it very easy to remove after that!) but it worked and the next block appeared so easy in comparison, on I went...

Block 60 Noon and Light
I had already created the block in EQ and decided, in my wisdom, to make it up differently because I didn't want to cut out the frame with with its' angles until I had at least attached the corners - bad move!  I wasted so much fabric on this one - I do, however, like the result - wouldn't do it this way again though.

Why I thought it would be a great idea to continue is beyond me - but maybe the rose wine I was slurping had an influence on my decision making - and maybe I was thinking it was a quick and easy block, I could just do it and then that's another finished......whatever it was, I chose the completely wrong patterned fabric - gingham - and nothing seemed to line up - even though it didn't take very long..

Block 61 - Northern Lights
The piecing isn't wonky, it's the effect of not cutting the pieces according to the gingham checks - I'm not remaking it though....

...and then to top it off, I thought I'd make yet another!  Eaglehawk Rose certainly tickled my creativity last night!

Block 62 - Old Windmill
This one turned out to be my most favourite of the night - I used swirly patterns and had visions of Don Quixote in my head (I have a print of Picasso's Quixote - it speaks volumes to me of pathos, impossible dreams, perseverence and nebulous ideals).

So another 4 completed and another (furiously thinking 111-62 =.....) 49 to go......

......and a random finish for perservering with this tale - one of my chooks is broody - she's sitting on 18 eggs - we don't think they're all viable - the old rooster isn't as sprightly as he used to be - but here she is sitting patiently and we're hopeful to have a 'birth' day any time...

She's not a fat chook - she just seems to have 'oozed' out to ensure even coverage of the clutch underneath her


  1. love the night and day block. keep us posted on the new arrivals.

  2. I love the Noon and Light block! So awesome!

  3. WTG go to battle with that farmer! And fingers crossed for the new arrivals...

  4. Oh I want little chicken photos! I do hope you get some hatching. Love your FW blocks and have to say that No 59 is amazing. My favourite!

  5. Love the FW blocks...good luck with the eggs, I hope lots of them hatch!

  6. Great blocks, especially 'night and day'.
    I feel a bit like your chook...not broody, but 'oozing'. The havoc not working for 12 months has played with my waistline is shameful!

  7. Block 59 is stunning - love your fabric choices for that one in particular, but they are all great.

  8. Great blocks. Night and Day was worth all the effort, it's stunning.
    Looking forward to seeing baby chick photos. They're so cute, especially when you know you don't have to eat them one day :)
    Do you keep chooks for eggs? I'd love to one day... Just think of all the baking I could do. Hmm, maybe I should get a cow or goat so I can get milk and butter to go with the eggs :)

  9. Love red and white blocks. They are wonderful every time. Good for your chook. I sure miss having mine.


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