Thursday, 12 September 2013

Quick make......all about procrastination.....

I've been doing lots of reports and project plans and stuff in readiness for two exhibitions myself and my fellow textile artist students are going to hold in January 2014 and May 2014.  Seems like miles away but it's about now that publications need information for magazines coming our around that time, not to mention I have at least 6 pieces to make......and......sometimes, you just have to stop, get up, plant some veggies (which I have done - love Spring - and the Fat Bastard purple asparagus I thought I'd killed has popped up everywhere - bliss!) and sew something simple.

I was with my sister the other day, in Ikea, and she mentioned she needed a make-up bag.  The one's at Ikea were quite cute and very cheap, but she didn't want hot pink (the only one in that size) so of course I said, "You're kidding, that's what I do...." (well, they're cute, but not cheap and I can make one that's not hot pink)

So, instead of writing a magazine article and updating my project plan (and 50,000,000 other things), I made a little pouch for my sister.  A little Echino, some Kona and a pretty zip.  Done...

Right, back to it then......


  1. much better way to spend your time xx .. now .. back to the grind stone xx lol

  2. I love that you have your priorities right. Great gift for your sister.

  3. Sometimes you just have to make an instantly gratifying project . They're good for kick starting the mojo. Love the makeup bag - its gorgeous.

  4. Lol, sometimes one just has to deviate :oD

  5. Lovely Katie:) Hope Ali loves it :)

  6. Much better than hot pink.
    And sometimes we just have to ignore what we should be doing and do what we want to do. Though perhaps, ever so slightly less often than I do :)


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