Thursday, 26 September 2013

doing good - again

At the beginning of the year, I had to resign as the Cherish do.Good Stitches mama due to lack of time - it's quite a feat putting quilts together from blocks made by different people and then quilting them - especially in the time frames.  So, reluctantly, I resigned.......but, I couldn't really stay away.

I stalked what the girls were up to and saw what beautiful quilts they made and gifted to people who otherwise might not have had such a wonderful gift.

So last month I rejoined - not as the mama, and not as a 'quilter' - I rejoined as a 'stitcher' which means all I have to do is make two blocks each month and post them off.  This fits in with the workload from my Diploma and I still feel great about :)

I've made two months worth of blocks and the October request has just gone up (AMH feathers....hmmmm)

september - cream and green - any block

august - warm and cool - scrap vomit style

It feels good to be doing good again................


  1. I love your blocks! They are all gorgeous.. I esp. love the warm and cool scrap vomit. :D

  2. I love that top block looks like a green ray of sunshine!

  3. I really like the two green blocks, but they all look great.

  4. what a lovely thing to do for someone ... I didn't realise you were the mama once. Reading your blog makes me want to get making patchwork again .... I love the top block too

  5. Glad you started sewing these again. Especially as it makes you happy


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