Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The wedding post.....and other stuff

Well, the wedding is done - the bride looked radiant and the groom (my eldest son) looked so incredibly happy that it made me all teary - one of  the most important things I want for both of my boys is health and happiness - and my Adam sure has both.  They're really enjoying living in Wodonga (about 4 hours from where I live) and are set to make as much of their lives as possible - excellent!

Here's the happy couple after being declared 'husband and wife' and after the obligatory kiss!

Lloyd and I with our great niece.  Miss Stella is just waiting for the signing of the register so she can give Dana a wedding favour.
The reception was an absolute hoot - there was much dancing and drinking - and my youngest son Ben had a 'dance off' with Dana's nanna - it was captured on a mobile phone so hopefully it'll be available on Youtube soon :)

So we're kinda back to normal - the unpacking has been done and the laundry completed and Lloyd went back to work today....so did I....I have another market coming up so there's sewing to be done......and I sold a quilt at the last market (I was sooooo excited) so decided to finish a top I'd had hanging around too long - it's now ready for quilting and binding and it'll be available to buy from Red Hill Market on 4th May...

Thanks Heather for suggesting a border of the 'scraps' from the main piecing -I really like it.
I also had a crack at some free motion quilting on the long-arm..........need more practice but definitely getting better.....

the pink is from my chalk marking
So onwards and upwards - have to get stuck into more market sewing (cos I'm also doing the Mornington market the following week, 11th May.....)


  1. Oh happy day! So wonderful :). I am glad you sold a quilt too! Yay!

  2. Yay, gorgeous photo's and you and Lloyd look beautiful too. And double yay for more markets, wow, you better get sewing!! xo

  3. wonderful pictures thank you for sharing your families special day xx

  4. How wonderful. Congratulations to all.

  5. The Bride and Groom both look radiantly happy . And you! Rocking a beautiful red dress there. You almost outshone the bride!

  6. Can't wait to see the dance off :oD The dress looks fab!

  7. Lovely photos. You look very snazzy in your gorgeous red dress.
    Great news to hear you sold a quilt at the market.

  8. You look fab, as does your dress.
    Bride and groom look very happy.
    Thanks for sharing

  9. Lovely photo of you and Lloyd x hugs x

  10. Forgot to add...Ada m looks chuffed bless x

  11. I'm a sucker for wedding photos so how fun to pop over here and see your son beaming so radiantly with his bride beside him. And I love that red dress of yours--fabulous! Congrats to everyone!


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