Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sewing, sewing, sewing...

In between keeping up with my Textile Art Diploma course requirements (creating a repeat design using hand carved stamps),

preparing sessions for my Community Classes (my themes this semester are Colour Theory and Techniques),

and other sundry domestic chores,

including removal of some water hyacinth from the fish pond - but that had to stop when I was bitten by a very large, and very aggressive bullant....

I have been organising business cards and advertising postcards, and sewing up a storm for my upcoming stall at Red Hill Market on 2nd March...

large cushion cover with zipped opening

boxy, zipped pouches

journal covers

cushion cover with buttoned opening
There's still a few other admin type issues to sort out (source and buy paper bags, signage, still need to finalise the display etc etc) and I want to have 100 items for sale - so I have another 20 to make........

Best get back to it......


  1. Not much going on in your life then. ;-)

  2. Well I can't think what's been keeping you from blogging then... ;o)

  3. Yep it must be pretty quiet at Chez Shocking.
    Oh my, I'm tired just reading about what you've been up to. Good luck at the markets in March. I miss the Red Hill markets, haven't been there for years, it's a bit too far from SE Qld.
    Ouch, that's one thing we don't have here, bullants, we have everything else that bites or stings but not those, I don't miss them one bit.

  4. Busy for sure! Seems you are staying in th best kind of trouble ;)

  5. You've been busy! Love the stamp design and the boxy pouches. I want to try making some of those pouches myself, to store knitting projects in. Are they difficult to make?

  6. Good for you Katie:) I look forward to seeing your stall set up x big hugs x

  7. You're crazy busy those boxy pouches.

    Looks like you're going to busy for a while yet. Good luck with the market too!


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