Friday, 22 February 2013

Getting closer...

So I made the 100 items - bit later than I anticipated, but life does intrude hmmm??

Now just have to make the banner, buy the bags, have a mock run, sort out the display............

matching soft baskets - beautiful printed linen with  a solid lining

wee pouch, fully lined, using Prints Charming offcuts

I was supposed to have this baby quilt/play mat ready too, but I put a narrow red border on it and it needs another - I just don't know what - so it's hanging off my long-arm until inspiration strikes....

a mix of fabrics, featuring prints from Oz designer, Saffron Craig
So it's Friday and I'm off to school - and we're doing screen printing today - bit excited about that...


  1. People will buy your things because they're so pretty. No doubt!

    Love the apple core baby play mat!

  2. Yay for finishing! Happy printing, I do love a good screen print :o)

  3. Hi could add a mixed border/binding made up from all the fabrics you have used in the middle of your baby quilt...this would look lovely x :) x

  4. I like mrsnaldie's idea.
    I'm impressed with your finishes.

  5. Every item will be purchased and you will have to leave early ;)

  6. I love your makes! Hope the screen printing went well!


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