Saturday, 24 November 2012

Pretty feathers

Well, one anyway.....

The last month of the QCA for 2012 (and for me too, I'm bowing out for a while) and the Bee Queen requested Anna Marie Horners' feathers in pink, orange and yellow on a grey background.

INSERT PHOTO HERE - Blogger won't let me upload anymore so will have to investigate and go from there......Flickr sounds good......

I foundation pieced the feathery bits (I'm sure an ornothologist will know what they're called) then used the templates from the free pattern to finish it off.

It's really pretty and while I will probably never make a complete quilt of feathers for myself, I'm going to keep it in mind for when I'm a Queen Bee again.


  1. Your feather is stunning. Such lovely colours.

  2. You too! That makes four, including me that have run out of space this week. I have gone down the flickr route but have been told that the pics won't show up on mobiles or on some work computers.

  3. I couldn't upload pics last night either:not good

  4. What a great those colours.

    Lots of people seem to be having blogger picture issues at the moment.

  5. Gorgeous feather! I hope you find a solution to the photo problem...

  6. Oh I love it!!! Colours are just perfect. Thank you so much! xo

  7. Very picture-skew! They do make rather love features on bags and things...


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