Saturday, 11 August 2012


I think I'm in a bit of a funk - want to sleep all the time and being very tetchy - usually with my dearheart - who brushes it off - which kind of makes me even, what's a girl to do?

Hide myself in my sewing room and sew, of course......

My great-niece is turning 3 and given I'm a little bit enamoured with the Bento bag, I made her one to put her dollies in (her mum tells me Stella loves bags)...I made a birthday card to match......

I also made a 241 tote - I've seen these around the blogs (designed by Noodlehead) and really admired them - but I don't love mine - it's smaller than I expected for a start and I made poor fabric choices - so I think this one is a fail......maybe I'll increase the size for the next one and not try and be so matchy matchy with the fabric...(because that really was an epic fail)

So then I thought, what next?

Ages ago I bought some patterns for tops for me - one of which was this very stylish 'tunic' (gawd that sounds so old-fashioned!) by Issey Miyake for Vogue - it was on spesh and I think I paid about USD2.99 for it

oh to have legs that long!
In one of my forages around Spotlight, I found some fabric that was reduced to $3 per metre - not a great colour, but not bad, and I can always dye it I thought........and given it was 50% off everything on the table, I got it for $1.50 per that's what I thought I'd make the top out, out of pocket so far to the tune of about AUD10.00

Once it was cut out I was reading the instructions - and finding them a bit, you know, hard - and then I saw it was a 'plus difficile' pattern - but I forged on - and here we have a delightful, yellow top - that is definately going into the dye bath soon......

it needs a right good iron as well

You can't really see in this photo, but there's radiating pintucks across the front, the sleeves and the back.  It's fastened with only 2 buttons, which is going to make it a bit difficult to sit down without flashing all my frillies - it looks alright on, but it is not the right colour for me - it kind of looks like a flash pj top in this colour   I also think it might need shoulder pads and I'm sure I've got some somewhere - they'll be relics from the 80's but I'm sure there's a packet of them in my sewing stuff - might have to resort the sewing room again!

In between the abovementioned, I've been working on my school stuff - lots of samples and paint and sticking stuff - I'll have to make a big effort with these as they're almost due and I'm not loving the ideas I came up with.........

Ok, so I'm off to make a coffee and then give myself a talking to about being a miserable bugger.......


  1. we are all allowed to be miserable at times xx hopefully you will feel better now you have some sewing... and coffee under your belt xx

  2. wow, anyone who can dressmake has my respect-especially when you are doing difficult patterns!

  3. It's okay to be a miserable bugger. It's great if you can hide in your sewing room while you are doing it though. What colour are you going to dye your tunic?

  4. Och, go and tetch at your hubby again, maybe a good argument will get it all out of your system lol

  5. Impressive sewing! I would never even think about making that jacket.

  6. Your Bento bag is lovely and your tunic is going to look great when you've dyed it a colour you like - and you did a good job of making your 241 even if you loathe the fabric choice! Those days are lousy - hope your funk lifts soon.

  7. Wow, I'm impressed at your sewing! Hope you're a little less mardy soon!!

  8. I hope you feel better soon, the makes are first rate.

  9. We all feel that way sometimes. Isn't it lovely we can sew?

  10. We all have funks like that. Hope the sewing helps until yours ends


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