Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Better off red..

I have been busy getting my folio together for school - this unit was all about colour theory, different dying techniques, samples and stitcheries;  We also had to create a folio cover based on 'The colours of our lives'......

It took me quite a while to work out what to do for this folio cover - I knew I wanted to use fabrics I'd dyed myself and I also knew I wanted to use the colour red...

After much faffing about and false starts..

false start no. 1
I thought about layers and how we choose to reveal only some parts of ourselves...and came up with this..

and promptly had an omg moment - it looks RUDE!!!!
So I cut away a few more layers, stitched a little more and roughed up the edges for texture...

this looks very orangey, but trust me, it's red! - the colours on the previous 'rude' picture are more true
Much more presentable!

I also finished all my stitcheries...

yellow and blanket/buttonhole stitch

orange and straight stitch
violet and chain stitch

green and satin stitch
red and fly / feather stitch

blue and colonial knots with rice/seed stitch
so, just have a few more things to do and it's presentation time on friday.......phew


  1. I love watching all these things you are doing for the course. You are much braver than me. I would just be stood there for hours on end, slack jawed and confused.

  2. ROFLMAO, that rude one looked like a whale's eye to me, well, until you said rude and then, well, I wondered if I should be viewing in work ;o)

  3. How fun to be challenged in this way, so wonderful to see what you came up with in the end and your stitcheries are amazing. xo

  4. Your OMG moment made me laugh:-) I like your rude one! Your work is lovely.

  5. hahahaaha, your rude one made me laugh!!! Very creative!!!

  6. Oh dear...I'm afraid I thought rude thoughts too.....but was still mightily impressed by it! Anything juxtaposed with grey does it for me at the moment. Do love your second one. The stitcheries are fab - it must be heaven to be creating out of fabrics you have dyed yourself :) cheers, Kathy


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