Thursday, 14 June 2012

Bee blocks.......and lots of other stuff....

It seems like forever that I posted - in reality, it's been a week, but not getting on the computer everyday makes such a difference - the 'To be read' list of posts from the uber talented I follow continue to circle the globe and I don't seem to be making any dent in it with the paltry time I'm 'allowing' myself - hopefully all will change next term (this term really has been very busy and I'm hoping it's not indicative of the rest of the course)

So, I got up early, read a couple of posts and thought I'd quickly add what's been happening around here....

A couple of Bee blocks, the first for the Australia Bee....

such a pretty block
The next couple are for do.good Stitches - Melissa sent the pink dot for the final round and the rest we contributed...

The final pink round on the second one actually matches the first for colour - so the saturation you see is a bit exagerated!

These blocks have been sent off to their respective bee mamas.

In other news, the ladies in my classes have been busily sewing away their projects of the month...

The gorgeous Barb - and it's the very first thing she has ever made - love that beaming 'I made it myself' smile..
This months project - a zipped, lined pouch - they did a fabulous job.....
A couple of days ago I dyed some fabric to use for the stitched piece for school - the brief is titled 'colours of our lives' and I'm going red....reddish.....what the??

Buster had to get himself in the photo again - this time his 'other' end

So, time to I'm mounting samples of fabrics dyed with various dye mediums (sun dyes, RIT dyes and Landscape dyes) and I really must make a start on the reports.......arrivederci...


  1. Love the hand dyed fabric pic. I look forward to seeing what you make with those beautiful pieces.
    Loved the other stuff you showed too. Just distracted by the pretty hand dyes :)

  2. Aren't bees fun? I am enjoying the two I joined : )

  3. Busy, busy! But it does sound like you are loving the course and that is what counts.

  4. Great blocks, wonder if Buster was suggesting you'd made an arse of the dyeing ;o)

  5. I Love buster's other end - he's handsome which ever way round he is lol. When are you classes Kay? Do you do any at the weekend?

  6. Your Australia bee block is wonderful. I hope things improve for you next term.


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