Tuesday, 27 March 2012

farmers wife-ing

In between demonstrating making market bags on the weekend, I was able to complete a few more farmers blocks..

from top left, spider legs, spider web, single wedding star
bottom, snowball and spool
I've now completed 84 of the little darlings....27 to go, 27 to go......

Then this morning I finished the next monthly project for my classes - a zipped cushion cover..

the back has a zip with a concealing flap
Don't you just love gigantor stitches!!  I used a fabulous new product that I've been told about to mark the spacing - it's an erasable felt tip called Frixion by Pilot.  I simply drew on the fabric then after I'd sewed my stitches, I quickly pressed with the iron and all the marks disappeared - just like magic.  apparently they will re-appear if the temperature gets below -20c and there's little chance of that in Oz, so we're all good :)....although Melbourne these last couple of days seems to have been hit with an icy blast from somewhere....we've had the open fire going!

Right-i-o then, back to my assignments - have a great week


  1. love the whole cushion... we must have swapped weather... it is beautiful here, warm, sunny... NO fires needed! lol x

  2. 27 to go ...I dont even have 27 done yet ! They look fabulous!

  3. Yay for batting a few more of those farmers into touch!

  4. New Aussie follower here. I love your cushion and your hand stitching.

    There is a bit of concern going around about the Frixion pens but as you said, it wont ever get cold enough here to worry too much.

  5. Nice blocks. You are almost done!!

  6. OH wow!!! Love the Farmers Wife blocks... I was thinking of doing them at some stage but was worried it would look too traditional but I love your colour choice, they look great!!!

  7. Wow! Only 27 left! Yay for you! You're almost there!! Great job on these blocks. I saw that pen at a quilt show here recently, and thought "I wonder what happens when it gets cold." I do go to northern WI here, and the temp can get below -4 ºF (-20 ºC) but I really doubt it will be outside if it gets that cold. More than likely I will be snuggled up underneath it in the house!

  8. Good for you! I don't think I've completed 27 yet : )


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