Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Bride Series: The Bride Scarred

The theme for this exhibition, held at Manningham 29 January to 22 February 2014, was ADORNED.

Quite a few thoughts went through my head about how to represent Adorned...

I thought about continuing work on my felted fat lady, which had been started some time before for another exhibition, then abandoned...

..but she was again assigned to the WIP box....

...and then flitting through Pinterest, I saw some beautiful faces of young women/girls which had been decorated and adorned to either attract a mate or to meet their new spouse in marriage...and I got to thinking about how they might feel about it...whether it was with joy or trepidation...whether if it was possible, would they still choose to marry or would they choose another life for themselves if the boundaries imposed by tradition, opportunity and geography...and what the carefully crafted adornment masked...............

...and I had it - the Bride Series...

The Bride Scarred

Photo courtesy of Carol O'Loughlin

Adorned with feathers, she waits to see what will unfold, whether the pain she endured through scarification was worth it or was simply a forerunner of things to come...

Height:   118 cm
Width:    64 cm
Depth:    23 cm

·        Wood
·         Sun dyed cotton fabric
·         Cotton batting
·         Paper cord
·         Silk cord
·         Hessian
·         Fencing wire
·         Cotton threads
·         Perle embroidery threads
·         Linen threads
·         Silk threads
·         Corflute
·         Beads
·         Feathers
·         Commercially printed fabric

Come back next week for the next in the series....

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