Friday, 1 November 2013


We're getting to the tail end of the Diploma of Textile Arts; we've got an exhibition in January 2014 (that I haven't yet made anything for...) and our graduate exhibition in May ish (dates and venue hasn't been finalised yet).  We've learned many techniques and processes and some I've loved and some I'm not enjoyed so much.

Before today, I didn't enjoy felting at all - I thought it was all wet dog smells and strange results (well, mine were very strange) however, we had to make a 3D form today using the dry felting method and while I started the day thinking, "Hmmm, another process, wonder what crap result I can get today" and after many stabbed fingers with a cruel and unusual tool (it has a sharp point and barbs!!) I so love my 3D Elvis the Alpaca..

before his nose was added

He actually started life as a sheep - but I made his neck too long so he became an alpaca - so much fun - so I'm thinking I might make one of my fat ladies in felt for the January buy myself some leather finger protectors too.....


  1. Elvis is adorable. You did a great job. I never would have picked he started life as a sheep!

  2. I love this little guy! He's whimsical as well as so cool with that wild spray of his forelock!

    I didn't realize your degree was in Textile Arts. Now you can teach all of us!

    :) Elizabeth

  3. Elvis is too cute! Just love him :)


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