Thursday, 20 June 2013

over a month ago.....really????

Oh dear - what a slacker - just haven't got round to creating new blog posts - I've Instagrammed a few times and been up to all sorts, just never blogged about it.....but I promised my Wednesday ladies that I'd blog about their gorgeous journal covers they made in here they are......

This project was a lot of fun - I sorted out my 2" squares into colour order and put them into brown paper bags.  Each of the ladies had to randomly choose a colour then they made the centre panel using the colours from that bag only.  The surrounding borders were chosen from their own stashes and added to the backing fabric and quilted.  They then created the journal cover - some made one and some made several and they all did a fabulous job - unfortunately I didn't photograph all the journal covers, but you get the idea :)

Other than teaching classes, I've been quilting for clients...

here's a client quilt I actually remembered to take a photo of !!

Finishing socks...

Putting together some quilt tops...

this has since been sashed with a soft grey and a border added in green - ready for quilting now

memory quilt for a client - please ignore the feet!!
Stitching for school...

and making a knitting needle holder - I've also knitted a couple of hats but I don't have any photos of them yet...

I know there's lots more (like market stalls and weekends away) but I think that's enough for now - well done for getting this far in this photo heavy post!!

It's time for me to hit the sack - we're experiencing a cold snap - expected overnight low is 3c - and I don't think tomorrow is going to be much warmer - oh well, will just have to light the fire and snuggle in with my stitching.



  1. love the covers!!! Awesome!!!

  2. The journal covers look fabulous . Everyone did a fantastic job on those.

    And my goodness those socks are AWESOME!

    You sound like you're moving at about a million miles an hour my friend. Dont forget to stop occasionally!

  3. Katie the journal covers are lovely...what a super place to hide away all those thoughts that pop into your head:) I must look at making this one of my projects soon:) x

  4. ROFLMAO, we have winter days when we're happy it gets *up* to 3C, wuss ;o)


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